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These tutorials were written in Flash 8 but will all work in Adobe Flash CS3. Note you must select an ActionScript 2.0 document if you want to use the scripting below. There are three levels of tutorials available:


Drawing and text
Move ball
Bounce ball
Shape tween
Importing characters
Diagonally bouncing ball (introduces movie clips)
Eye movie clip (introduces motion guide)
Wheels - another movie clip
Challenge - legs walking movie clip

Intermediate ActionScript 2.0

Simple buttons and actions (goto and play) | .swf | .fla
Jumping around frames (more goto and play) | .swf | .fla
Pretty stuff (movie clips and buttons) | .swf | .fla
Putting it all together into a folio (some final pointers) | .swf | .fla

Advanced ActionScript 2.0

Some theory before you start (you are expected to read this!)
Hello World (simple output using ActionScript)| .swf | .fla
Add 2 numbers together (explains what a variable is) | .swf | .fla
A simple calculator (check out J's suped up version) | .swf | .fla | .swf (j's)
Random number generator (answer to extension q1 in swf or fla) | .swf | .fla
Coin toss (introduces if/then statement) | .swf | .fla
Feeding foo (collision detection, scoring, variables, if/then) | .swf | .fla
Raining fish (a great game - how can you adapt it?) | .swf | .fla
Maze Game | .swf | .fla
Paint Pictures | .swf | .fla

E-Commerce: PHP, MySQL and Actionscript 2.0

Flash Cart tute - very basic. uses PHP and MySQL. Download the source: .fla | .swf | index.php (rename to index.php) | connection.php (rename to connection.php) | AutumnLeaves.jpg | GreenSeaTurtle.jpg | TocoToucan.jpg

Other Programming Examples in Actionscript 2.0

check out the source code for each (no tute but do them yourself anyway - for reference only).
while (condition) do {loop} | .html | .fla | .swf (statements in loop may never occur - 0 or more times. also known as pre-test iteration.)
do (condition) while {loop} | .html | .fla | .swf (statements in loop will occur at least once - 1 or more times. also known as post-test iteration.)
(for if / then statement see coin toss above)
switch / case statement (also known as multiple selection - check out the source) | .html | .fla | .swf
simple | .html | .fla | .swf
multi-dimensional | .html | .fla | .swf
note - external file access in flash 8 (actionscript 2.0) is very limited due to security reasons. to access values from a text file or a database see the tutorial above (loadvars, $_post, etc will come in handy here).


Basic Movement from Keyboard
Collision Detection


Attach cursor example | .html | .fla | .swf
Car following mouse example | .fla | .swf
Jigsaw puzzle | .fla | .swf
Quick platform game (dynamic hit tests) | .fla | .swf
Lucky fruit | .html | .fla | .swf
Making a turret follow mouse | .html | .fla | .swf

External Links

Emanuele Feronato:
Flash Platform Games Tutorial
| the_environment_fixed .fla / .swf | the_environment_game .fla / .swf | the_environment_moving .fla / .swf | the_environment_not_deadly .fla / .swf | the_environment_triggered .fla / .swf | the_score .fla / .swf
Flash Racing Game Tutorial
| step 1 .fla / .swf | step 2 .fla / .swf | step 3 .fla / .swf | step 4 .fla / .swf / .fla

Boruschek | .swf