Digital Solutions


GMS2 Mac

Term One: 8-Directional Movement
  1. Geometry System AND "What makes a good game?"
  2. GMS2 Recap
  3. Move Ball
  4. Controlling Animation
  5. Wall Collisions
  6. Breakout
  7. Race Track
  8. Falling Rocks
  9. Planes
  10. Top-down Player
  11. Intermittent Spawner
  12. Asteroids
  13. Pacman
  14. Inventory
  15. Upgrades and Inventory v2
  16. Score Health Lives
  17. Improved Car (perhaps), still needs work, doesnt use phy_
  18. Simple Spawner
Term Two: Platform Physics
Platform Collision Basics using simple shapes:
  • Basics 1 these lessons follow on from eachother
  • Basics 2 moving platform sideways
  • Basics 3 moving platform vertically
  • Basics 4 rope swing DIFFICULT
  • Basics 5 ladder
  • Basics 6 projectiles
  • Basics 7 portals horizontal

  • Multiple Ropes fix .. if you find yourself briefly holding on - then falling off - your rope swings (assuming you've used more than 1 rope swing in a room)

  • Basics 8 ai platform enemy
  • Basics 9 falling spikes
  • Basics 10 bringing in your own animated sprites

  • If you get this far, try these SUPER CHALLENGES yourself:
    1. making your own level of a simple platform game using the skills above
    2. vertical portals? (that i jump into, and launch me out of)
    3. make an elevator (basically a 'moving up' platform) - can you give it an on / off switch?
    4. try and create a flash light or light source (this may take some research). Adjust the image_alpha of an object to hide or show it while within the beam of the flash light.

AI Patrols .. setting patrol points or boundaries

Aggro Range and Sight

Terrain Generation for a platform game

•  Can you add some form of AI to your previously made platform game?
•  Add a player to the terrain generation example
•  Can you add any of the elements above (e.g. platforms, ladders etc) to the terrain gen algorithm? very hard

Tilemap Collisions 1 .. ultra fast collision correction - the way its done commercially (e.g. Mario)

Tilemap Collisions 2: vert platform moving

Tilemap Collisions 3: non-square sprites

If you get this far, go and create an awesome platform game for your assignment! Feel free to make use of OpenGameArt for assets for your project (this is not art class), just make sure you reference / credit the source.

The following tutorials are older and no longer maintained:

    This is when collision 'stick' gets tough, making use of player animations with changing collision masks:

  1. Animating Platform Player
  2. Collision Correction BASE PLATFORM VERSION → use this for remaining activities
  3. Collision Correction Alternative DO NOT USE THIS VERSION AND EXPECT HELP
  4. Moving Platforms (requires Collision Correction)
  5. Ladders (requires Collision Correction)
  6. Teleportals (requires Collision Correction)