Digital Solutions

Unit 3: Digital innovation

Topic 1: Interactions between users, data and digital systems
Topic 2: Real-world problems and solution requirements
Topic 3: Innovative digital solutions
This TLAPS is under constant reviewUnit 3 TLAPS | pdf | docx | rtf

Coursework by week:
weekcourseworkpractical skills
1Anatomy of:
• XML (more specifically the RSS application of XML)
• Exploration of data formats available on Brisbane City Council Open Data
• Focus question: XML vs JSON – which is preferable?


XML (which is used to write RSS)


Feel free to investigate other geo-formats, such as Shapefiles (SHP), MapSource (GDB), ESRI, KML (for Google Earth) or KMZ (zipped KML), GeoJSON (for ArcGIS)

Python object (eg. Python dictionary) → json.dump() → JSON file .write()

Python object (eg. Python dictionary) → json.dumps() → JSON string

JSON file path → json.load() → Python object (eg. Python dictionary)

JSON string contents → json.loads() → Python object (eg. Python dictionary)

the s stands for string

2 ERD, GUI and other diagram practise (skills for IA1)

Week 5 first checkpoint, submit:
  • exploration of solutions
  • identification of algorithms
  • user interface sketches
Week 6 complete draft submission
purposeful generation of a technical proposal for relevant user interfaces and algorithm components of the low-fidelity non-coded prototype digital solution
9recap of unit 1 skillsflask
10recap of unit 2 skillssql | sqlite flask
11recap of unit 3 skillssee unit 3 week 1 & 2
12-20 IA2 8 weeks

Week 15 first checkpoint, submit:
  • data requirements
  • exploration of solutions
  • identification of algorithms
  • user interface sketches
  • some code
Week 18 complete draft submission
IA1 sample only:
IA1 Investigation - technical proposal - 20% | pdf | docx | rtf

IA2 sample only:
IA2 Project - digital solution - 30% | pdf | docx | rtf |  laptops.csv

IA2 sample only:
IA2 Project - digital solution - 30% | pdf | docx | rtf

Average Bicycle Counts by Day and Hour - Queensland Government Data

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