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Prescribed and Self-determined Criteria (P&SD)

Criteria: characteristics by which something is evaluated or appraised; the teacher or client (prescribed) or students (self-determined) develop criteria, e.g. specific needs, identified purpose, impacts, quality or effectiveness of solution.

Evaluation: make an appraisal by weighing up or assessing strengths, implications and limitations; make judgments about ideas, works, solutions or methods in relation to selected criteria; examine and determine the merit, value or significance of something, based on criteria to make refinements and recommendations - justified by data.

What does a Criteria look like?

here is a sample of a self-determined criteria:

Utility: Customers must be able to reset their account password, using a secure token link sent to their email address which they used to sign up with.

All criteria are determined from the specific context.

which means you must read all of the task sheet and stimulus for each assessment piece given to you.

How to determine P&SD Criteria:

Figure out what you actually have to evaluate with the P&SD criteria first:

Knowing this, read the IA Task Sheet which tells you specifically what each of these things are, then develop P&SD criteria that target specifically (i.e., can be evaluated against) these things:

Some modelled samples might help:

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