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Python → downloadHow to install Python (optional: VS Code)

console applications
# console 1 console 2 console 3 console adv
input output iteration while string manipulation object oriented programming theory
data types iteration for dictionaries class, instance and method
random numbers recreate challenge iii sets constructor and instance variable
branching if recreate challenge iv tuples class variables
branching if else iteration nested exercises E inheritance
recreate challenge i exercises B exercises F polymorphic override and private
branching and or not exercises C functions
recreate challenge ii lists recursion
nested & branching elif recreate challenge v importing separate files
exercises A exercises D files R/W
mc test i
answer sheet
mc test ii
answer sheet
GUI packages
# PyQt6 PySimpleGUI TkInter
pip3 install pyqt6 installation introduction
G'day, Mate! plan in rows output
My First Button hello world input
Input Text data entry images local
image display images url
more form elements checkboxes
colours, multiforms listbox
exercises radio buttons
track companion more events
auto teller
more samples
# object-oriented web scraping other
card deck installation trader game
doc types first scrape access
variable scope bs4 functions unsorted
multiple classes combining data sources unsorted
autoteller console legality of scraping spiral
merge (recursive) sort HTML pages for web scraping Careflight data
Glass artworks data
# encryption 1 encryption 2
Bacon Cipher encryption basics 1
Caeser Cipher encryption basics 2
Gronsfeld encryption basics 3
Vigenère barcode scanner algorithm q13 mock
One-time pad (OTP) block cipher q15 school use only
Feistel, DES and AES block cipher q16 public use
more practise
# challenge or activity
exam 1 revision sheet
exam 2 revision sheet
exam 3 revision sheet
Coins Challenge
Dice Challenge
Multicopier Context
Bank Context
Fast Food Context