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Python → download

pygame 1
# getting started
install pygame
bare bones game
bare bones game (further explained)
other similarities to gamemaker
coins dice cards download scroll down
show an image from file
show two images at once
load a random coin image
draw a square
red green blue colour lookup
pygame1 challenges
pygame 2
# simple interaction and game logic
mouse click
mouse click position
detect mouse click on a square
detect mouse click on an image
choose between two card images
roll a dice
roll a dice with list of images (better way)
roll a dice with a keyboard space press
roll two dice
roll two dice and sum the score
cups guessing game cup images download
cups guessing game randomized
coin flip guess game
coin flip guess game with counter
get input from console
pygame2 challenges
pygame 3
# more custom usage of pygame
loading image from online source
measure time, when each second passes
rectangles, circles, lines, shapes & dots
event: keydown, flip card one at time
event: getpressed, rapid card flipper
event: mouse, multi mouse buttons
pygame3 challenges
pygame 4
# working with motion or animated games
move a square
move square touch block
move square stop at block
walls around edges
walls block movement of player
key spammer game
object oriented programming (recap)
dude (player class)
running sprite

A multiplayer game can be built in pygame using sockets, threading and JSON:

Pygame Multiplayer

This has been adapted from the console threaded socket chat demo.

SDL via C++ using Dev-C++.