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Structured Query Language

SQL lets you access and manipulate databases.
DB Browser for SQLite → download

database basics
# theory prac 1 prac 2
what is a database get bookshop.db error proofing
data flow diagrams connect to bookshop.db inserting a new book
entity relationship diagrams display books data (rows)
normalisation display books data (fields)
creating tables using DDL looping through a list of tuples
foreign key constraints choosing a book
creating a console menu
recording chosen books
# sql 1 sql 2
introduction sum & avg
installation (& restaurant db) min & max
select from count & alias
where group by & having
and or not arithmetic operators
<, > & like subqueries
order by join (& orders db)
distinct, in & between alchemy db
practise learnt skills
limits creating db using db browser
# sqlite3 python
creating, updating & deleting
case study: pokemon
case study: criminals