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Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies 7-10 assessment
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7 and 8 digitech:
7 Scratch: water awareness, safety and care 7 water game scaffold sample mind map | sample level design - Pearl Dive | sample level design - Riptide
8 Gamemaker: participation in sport 8 sports game scaffold sample mind map | sample level design
9 secure coding:
A red team: intrusion testing intrusion testing help  
B blue team: cybersecurity cybersecurity sample planning  
9 game development:
C game with simple collisions game with simple collisions sample planning  
D platformer platformer game sample planning  
10 distributed systems:
E responsive web design sample website planning document  
F client server folio client server folio help  
10 programming logic:
G slot machine addiction slot machine addiction sample planning  
H RNG games folio RNG games folio help  

Scan or photograph any hand-drawn illustrations.
Don't steal large chunks of code from the internet.
Use comments to explain how your code works.
Save regular, incremental backups of your code: